We give you and a friend or group of friends the opportunity to take turns driving multiple luxury vehicles on scenic roads lead by one of our driving professionals. They will guide you and provide tips for driving each vehicle.

We will lead you and your group on an exciting driving adventure.

Each of our car tours feature different routes chosen to highlight both the beautiful landscape of the Ottawa, Gatineau & surrounding regions, while also allowing you the best opportunity to experience the various features and driving dynamics of each vehicle. An unforgettable experience, everyone will have fun, each getting the chance to drive multiple cars.


Perfect for having fun with friends/ family, team building and car enthusiasts. We can accommodate groups of 2- 8 ppl (or more), with packages that range from 2- 7 hours. You experience is fully customizable based on your preferences.

Prices range between $300.00- $6,400.00. Additional options can include, but are not limited to: dash mounted cameras to capture experience, catered picnics, stops at restaurants, nature sightseeing, stops at landmarks and stops for planned activities.