FOR ONLY $6,500.00

I love to drive. I always have. Before I was even old enough to do it, I loved to drive! I loved sleek, powerful, exotic cars. As a kid that meant playing with hot wheels and collecting model cars. As an adult that means getting to own and drive the real versions of those toys.

I know that exotic car ownership comes with many costs. The sticker price, insurance, ​maintenance, fuel, massive depreciation, expensive surprises and winter storage.

As a kid I was also taught the importance of sharing. That’s why i’ve decided that you should drive my exotic cars and not have to worry about any of those costs.

So why not add a few more cars to your roster this summer, have some fun on the road and drive in style. If you’re a car enthusiast like me and this offer has peaked your interest or if you have any questions just let me know by clicking below to send a quick email.

Flexible payment plans available
We can drop off to & pick up from your home or office
Fuel, insurance and maintenance costs included
You get 30 days of driving between April- October
Always dropped off cleaned and with a full tank of gas
Ability to purchase additional days available
You can book 2 to 14 days of use of a car at a time
Storage of your personal vehicle is available if needed
Some conditions may apply